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Predicted delays at a glance

Interactive Delay Map:
Select a date and time to view our proprietary three-day forecast for airport delays.

“KnowDelay is a great idea that could prove valuable to business travelers.”

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Delay Map

Could you be delayed?

Easy-to-use search tool:
Enter your flight details and see your delay prediction up to 3 days in advance. KnowDelay can also track your flight and send you updates!

“…don’t connect over airport XYZ, change your flight and connect over airport ABC… ”

Customer profile user interface

Find alternative itineraries

View flight alternatives with ease:

KnowDelay notifies members when their tracked flights are predicted to be delayed and provides alternative options to get members to their destination on-time!

“Once a [weather] problem is identified, alternative flights can be discovered.”

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Don’t wait for your airline to alert you that your flight is delayed, be prepared with KnowDelay

KnowDelay gives you the peace of mind that you will receive advanced notification of any potential weather-related flight delays.

Peace of Mind

Be among the first to know about weather delays. And the first to rebook your flight.

Predictions and Options

Our system predicts flight delays up to three days in advance, and identifies alternative itineraries to get you there on time!

Know What Pilots Know

Airline pilots use KnowDelay to quickly understand whether they could be delayed.

Regular Updates

Flight updates come straight to your inbox so you can make necessary changes and stay in control of your travel.

Be Prepared

No more relying on your airline’s rebooking system or endless airport delays. KnowDelay provides alternatives before the delay.

Armed with Alternatives

KnowDelay predicts, you take action! Membership includes KnowDelay’s full suite of tools for an unlimited number of flights.

No Surprise. KnowDelay.