B2B Delay

KnowDelay for Business

KnowDelay provides a powerful set of predictive data that is being leveraged by our partners to add value to their overall offering. Enhancing an existing or new product by adding predictive flight delay information 3 days in advance has a number of benefits:

  • New revenue stream through extension of service
  • Enhanced customer service through proactive notification
  • Improved decisions at the point of sale or mid trip
  • Complementing and extending existing products and services
  • Competitive differentiator

KnowDelay has developed a set of APIs that quickly and effectively allow our partners to take the KnowDelay predictive flight information and incorporate it into a platform or service offering. By leveraging the KnowDelay API guide, partners can be up and running with powerful data in no time.

Opportunities to leverage the KnowDelay predictive data exist across a wide range of travel partners including TMCs, OTAs, Corporations, Airlines and more. Contact the KnowDelay team to better understand the opportunity for your business and how KnowDelay can extend your current offering.

For enquiries, please contact Sales