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According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, over 20 percent of all flights arrive late. Of those flight delays, almost half are due to poor weather.

Everybody has a story about being delayed for an important meeting, sales pitch, wedding, graduation, kid's event or just getting home after a long week on the road. Being stuck in an airport or city can be extremely frustrating and expensive. Since airlines do not reimburse for weather-related delays the average delay can cost travelers $500 - $2000 in lost time and out of pocket expense.

Captain Delay's mission in life is to help travelers avoid weather-related flight delays by predicting them and notifying travelers 3 days in advance of their trip, while there's still time to find alternatives or change plans.

Captain Delay and his team of experts have been working for years to develop a predictive engine that takes into account weather and airport performance to be able to score your itinerary. While Captain Delay cannot predict every event, you have the comfort that he is working 24hrs a day to cover your flight and notify you if there is a concern.

Let Captain Delay track your flight and gain an added level of comfort through his notifications. If you are booking within 3 days of travel, why not let Captain Delay score your itinerary before booking to ensure you make the right choice and arrive on time!!!

How We Do It

The KnowDelay team has been building this service for the last two years with an emphasis on helping the time-constrained traveler avoid those troublesome weather-related flight delays. We're not a weather-prediction service and in fact have created a unique weather "recipe" that uses a variety of different weather models to first estimate the impact and duration of a weather event and second to translate that weather impact into predicted airport performance. What that means is that we take the "worst case" weather from a variety of sophisticated models and apply that to the 36 largest airports in the United States. We also look at weather that can impact aircraft within a large radius around the airport, since many times delays at the airport can be caused by weather more than 100 miles away. Fortunately, we take all that into account.

We provide our predictions using a common three-color scheme: Red, Yellow and Green. Red means that you have a 60 percent chance of a 30-minute weather-delay, yellow means you have a 40 percent chance of 30-minute delay and green means there's less than a 6 percent chance of delay. Using KnowDelay, you can increase your knowledge of delays by 10 times!

Over the past two years we have predicted over 90 percent of all the weather-related flight delays, but we don't always get it right. In fact, we over predict bad weather in our effort to help the traveler. That way you're never surprised. Use KnowDelay. No Surprise. Know Delay.

Captain Delay loves feedback so please use WhyDelay to send us your experiences, comments and questions.